At 11:10 AM 2/2/2005, Martin Norland wrote:
Miles Thompson wrote:
This is waaay off topic, but:
I hope you mean retired, who will presumably work for less.
Why would you want one who's not current?
Just wondering - Miles
At 09:47 AM 2/2/2005, ioannes wrote:

I'm looking for a programmer, preferably in London or UK, who has been maybe out of work for a few years, to discuss an easy project with.
Pass the request on to your friends.

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I believe the intention of asking for someone who's been out of work for a few years, was to find someone desperate - perhaps they've proposed this project multiple times and nobody wants to touch it :)

I didn't know you could say off topic on this list... guess you just can't say its abbreviated form in the subject or - ah heck, who knows.

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a) Never thought of the "nobody wants to touch" angle -- seen some of those.
b) Maybe there's also a "won't pay properly" aspect at work here.


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