Jason Wong wrote:
On Sunday 06 February 2005 04:58, Jeff wrote:

Hi. I need to access mysql from windows to *nix on both the default
port of 3306 and a secondary port of 3307. php.ini states that win32
will only pay attention to MYSQL_PORT.

Just specify the port you want to use in mysql_connect().

Is there a way to change the
value of that constant without compiling my own version of php on

I think you're misunderstanding what those comments are saying. If you don't specify a port in mysql_connect() then PHP will try to use what is defined by mysql.default_port in php.ini. If mysql.default_port is not defined *then* it will start loking at other places (as detailed in the comments).

Thats what i thought as well, but each time i attempt to use the port in mysql_connect, i.e. 'localhost:3307' or if i change the mysql.default_port = 3307 and just use 'localhost' in the server argument, i get

Warning: mysql_connect(): Client does not support authentication protocol requested by server; consider upgrading MySQL client - this using php 4.3.10, unfortunately i don't have the option of running 5.

Of course the *nix client works like a champ, but from all the searching, it seems that the constant MYSQL_PORT is a compile time argument. since the client is built into the install, i figured i'd have to rebuild. another thing that is easy to do in *nix

Have you succesfully connected from a php/mysql client to a mysql server running on 330[not 6]

Thanks for the reply.

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