Denis Gerasimov wrote:

This question was asked many times, but I can't find a good answer.
I am getting this error message while trying to connect to MySQL server (PHP
+ PEAR::DB_DataObject):

"Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '' (111)"

(notice '' - is that right?)

Does anyone have any ideas about how to get rid of this error?

* RedHat Enterprise Linux AS3
* Apache 2.0.46
* PHP 5.0.2
* MySQL 4.1.9, mysqli ext.


[Note: reply-to set to php-db as it's multimailed and I don't see this as a mysql general issue, nor php general, but feh.]

Looks to be set blank/null/etc.

You may be slightly tricked by the existence of both of these - from your standard php.ini...
; Default socket name for local MySQL connects. If empty, uses the built-in
mysql.default_socket =

; Default socket name for local MySQL connects. If empty, uses the built-in
; MySQL defaults.
mysqli.default_socket =
I can't see any reason why you wouldn't be able to use the same socket - you're connecting to the same exact server, it's just a path. You should be perfectly able to set your mysqli.default_socket to the same as the mysql.default_socket. I can't tell you what the default for your system is, but there are php functions to get configuration options, if you don't have it in any obvious places.

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