I have 2 tables with two columns in each one (cloned tables) like this :

ID int(6)
UserName varchar(25)

and i would like to select usernames from table1 that doesnt appear in table2
so i did this :

SELECT a.UserName FROM table1 a RIGHT OUTER JOIN table2 b ON
(a.UserName = b.username)

and that wont work, as i saw from sql joint docs, using OUTER JOIN
significate that we want to join the 2 tables where the inverse of
(a.UserName=b.username) is, so it's equivalent of
(a.UserName<>b.username) and the LEFT option is about to show the
lines from the left side table wich is a (table1) in my query

why didnt that work fine ? how to resolve it and is my view on sql
joins is incorect ?
thanks all

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