ioannes wrote:
I am trying to upload images - in fact an image path - from a PC.
I use the <input > tag:
<INPUT NAME="addpic" TYPE="file">
which nicely gives an input textfield and Browse button! This gives me, in the input box, eg:

a web browser doesn't even give you this information!

The input tag does give the local path.


* I apologize on my last message, I didn't change the field to a reply-to and it was a Cc - though I think the mailing list was kind enough to only post it once *

If by local, in your example, you mean it gives you "pic1.jpg" - then I will agree. No browser I've ever seen sends "C:\pics\subdir\pic1.jpg". It will *display* that to the user, but it doesn't submit the local path, it just uploads the file and gives the filename.

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