In case anyone comes across this in the future, I finally found a solution
to this:


Find session.cache_limiter and make sure the setting is set to public or
private. "nocache" was the problem.

Does anyone have any concerns about this setting? I am looking around to see
if this causes any security issues. I did find some stuff about this
affecting downloads, but there are no downloads through PHP pages.


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Subject: [PHP-DB] 'Page can not be displayed' when hitting the back button

I have a shopping cart that is working completely fine in Firefox. In I.E.,
I can not get the page to display when hitting the back button. This may not
necessarily be a PHP problem, but since moving to PHP session variables and
not cookies, this error has popped up.
In Firefox, I get the "POST DATA" message stating that post data has already
been sent, blah blah blah. In IE, I get the "Page Can Not Be Display".
I am just curious if anyone else has come across this and if they found a
Jason Walker

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