I have encountered a "hidden database" issue with mod_php, apache2 and
mySQL that I have thus far been unable to resolve.  

I am able to connect to the mysql socket using mysql_connect, but then
find that mysql_list_dbs only returns the "test" database.  This
*sounded* like an issue with the SHOW DATABASES privilege until I found
I was able to log in to the same MySQL server *as the same user* with
the provided command-line client (mysql) and SHOW DATABASES would
display all the other databases on this system.

Furthermore, I tried connecting as root, and again found only the "test"
database was visible to PHP.  If I dropped the test database, no
databases were visible to PHP (regardless of how many databases were
visible using SHOW DATABASES).  If I created "test", "tester",
"testing", "hello" etc, then the "test" database would reappear to PHP,
but no other databases were visible.

I also tried to connect PHP to MySQL as a super-user, and encountered
the exact same issue.

Any advice appreciated,

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