I get the error message:

*Notice*: Undefined index: op

When trying to set up a form. I have looked everywhere for the solution. I don't understnadn how to define that index. The come it comes from is:

if ($_POST['op'] != 'ds') {
   $display_block = "
   <form action=\"$_SERVER[PHP_SELF]\" method=\"POST\">
   Your E-mail Address:
   <input type=text name=\"email\" size=40 maxlength=150/>
  <input type=radio name=\"action\" value=\"sub\" checked/>subscribe<br/>
  <input type=radio name=\"action\" value=\unsub\" />unsubscribe
   <input type=\"hidden\" name=\"op\" value=\"ds\"/>
   <input type=submit name=\"submit\" value=\"Submit Form\"/>

I am trying to create a form which allows my users to join a mailing list. I conceptually understand what the problem is but cannot find out how to solve the problem. I cannot find out how to define 'op'. Please do not tell me to lower my error reporting levels. I would rather fix the problems. Thank you,

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