Bret Hughes wrote:
I am adding some functionality to a php/postgres based system and have a
value that I want to be a boolean.  digging around the pg doc I see the
boolean datatype.  Cool I say.  So I happily alter the table and add the
boolean column notify  all is good until I retrieve it using
pg_fetch_object and get a t or f back in myobject->notify

Rats says I.  a simple if ($myobject->notify) { blah } contruct won't

So.. after reading a lot of stuff from both the php and pg doc and STFW
until my eyes are tired, I am coming to you guys for advice.

Assumption:  There is no easy way to map a pg boolean data type to a
value that will evaluate simply in php.  I know I can code it but I
would really like to keep this as simple as possible

Question:  Assuming the above assumption is correct, what is the most
efficient way to define a column that will take only two values who's
values will evaluate as intended in php?

I am going to punt an go with a smallint unlet there is a way to store a
bit.  I am  trying to get my head around bytea right now but thought I
would ask while I am reading.


Personally I would go with the smallint - but another option you have, if you really want to use their boolean, is leaving the boolean and always selecting it as:

SELECT (boolean_field = 't') AS boolean_field FROM table;

of course, using a smallint will work 'universally' if you ever changed databases - which may or may not be of interest.

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