Problem statement:
I would like to give my users the option of clicking on a checkbox which I have provided as a field in a table and then clicking on the edit (or delete ) button to edit the info pertaining to the checked record.

In other words , in case my statement of the problem isn't clear, I would like to do the editing or deletion the same way it's done in phpMyadmin. Click on the checkbox followed by the desired action.

I have included in my table a field which I have called "chosen" which is of type enum('1','0')
As soon as I hit the "edit" button , I am redirected to a php script. In that scritp the first action I would like to make is to update the field chosen from the value '0' to the value '1'.
This way I will be able to update based on the value of that field. But my problem is how to link the checkbox input to this field. The checkbox input is blind to which record it is acting upon. But there must be a way.

Thank you.

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