here is the result of a execution of a script via command line.

File 'NONEXISTENT/charsets/?.conf' not found (Errcode: 2)
Character set '#30' is not a compiled character set and is not specified in the
'NONEXISTENT/charsets/Index' file

so, PHP must be recompiled to make it know here charsets are for mysql.
I am using precompiled package ıf mysql on my Sarge system, also it is 
unofficial, so I
have not headers or development package.
so --with-mysql=bla bla is not working at the moment for me, I have to use 
bundled one.

I decided to change source of mysql extension, the NONEXISTENT word is written 
on just one
file and it is my_config.h.

I have changed "NONEXISTENT" to "/usr/share/mysql"

and used
make clean
make install
(no config change is needed but tried with reconfiguring also.)

Nope, I simply does not work, php -f test.php still gives me the same charset 

Do you have any advices for me ?


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