Merlin wrote:
I am trying to do a tricky task with PHP and MySQl 4.0.x

There are 3 content tables where each of them contains a city_id
and there is a 4th table which holds the city_id and the acording city_name

Now I would like to find out the most used city names.

For example:

members        pictures     reports
3        4        3
2        9        8
9        8        8

So the most used city_ids are

To find this out would be a chelenging task, but to merge them with the city name is even more difficult

I am working on this quite a while now and cant find a way. Maybe someone of you guys could give me a smart push.
SELECT COUNT(m.city_id), other.city_name FROM members as m, other GROUP BY m.city_id WHERE m.city_id = other.city_id;

can't think off the top of my head any easy way to do that together with all the tables in one query, seems like it should be possible though. This should get you pointed in the right direction if you aren't already (note - sql is untested, and I always hose my GROUP BY's on the first try - but it should be close :) )

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