mel list_php wrote:
Dear Martin,
Thank you very much for that, I made the suggested changes.
The problem was again coming from the session.save_path directive which was not well configured.

With your settings I know have a wonderful display of "undefined index", coming from all that non instantiated least I know what I have to do now!!

you have 3 options with these kinds of errors:

1. change error_reporting to not include NOTICEs
2. change all the relevant code so that all vars are initialized (possibly lots 
of work)
3. use the '@' sign on the vars to repress the errors e.g:

        if (@$_GET['rule']) {
                // take over world

I wouldn't recommend 3 unless its a specific case and you know what you're doing

One thing:
I use @session_start() because in the other case I have a warning a session has already been started. On the other had have to call it at the beginning of each script.
Is there a way to test that?

you may be able to get away with testing to see whether session_id() returns an empty string or not (i.e. if its empty you still have to start the session)

although I would recommend rewriting your session starting code so that you
only call session_start() in one place - if you put all this code in
a seperate file you can then require_once() the file as and when you need it.

With php5 I also saw than a script having a white line and only later on the <?php is not interpreted but displayed as text.
Any reason for that?

that doesn't sound like it should be happening - post some code please.

Once again thank you for your help, and sorry I should have displayed the errors at the beginning.

now you know :-) - the next time someone hits the list with a similar case you can 'parrot' Martin's tips!

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