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this is really a php-generals question me thinks (you don't even mention a DB 

I need to dev a small app and I can think of a couple different ways to handle 
it but not sure the best way.  I need to register those who come to our site 
that want to download .pdf's. They will fill out some information before I 
redirect to the pdf.

I'm thinking the best way to handle this is sessions, but is it appropriate to 
store all of the users info - so that if he downloads 2 items - I can 
re-populate the fields so he doesnt have to? So if they click on an additional 
pdf I'll need to somehow check for the session and re-populate 11 fields, and 
they will only have to fill in one field at that time.

Or would cookies be better ? I need to store probably 11 different form variables. Also - would you store the variables in an array in the session? This seems neat and tidy...

lets see: if you put the data in a cookie then you are allowing malicious users to change that data after you have stored it (so you will have to check it _everytime_ you want to use it)...

best to stick an array in the $_SESSION array.. that way you oly need you 
sanitize the
data when you add/change it - there is no problem with storing an array with 11 
items it in in the
session, and using an array rather than 'loose' variables would definitely be 
neater -
you have all the user/pdf data in on place and its easy to extend that ammount 
info you store (i.e. if your client decides users must fill out more 
information to download a pdf)

Hope this is clear.

Any advice/guidance/sample scripts would be appreciated.


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