sorry for again bothering you,

thanks, yes you are right i am using SMTP.

i have given my smtp server's ip and port number in my php.ini file but
still i could not able to send the emails through my linux m/c. also i
am not receiving any error. the mail goes but not reach to destination. 
after doing the above setting in php.ini i run the php file on windows
machine and the emails are going to destination.

is there any more setting needs to be done in linux (i am using REDHAT
9, PHP 4.2)

with best wishes

On Thu, 2005-03-03 at 19:48, Brent Baisley wrote:
> First, you don't use POP3 for sending emails, you use SMTP. POP3 is a 
> retrieval mechanism, like IMAP. You actually don't need POP3 or IMAP to 
> send and receive emails, you need it to read them with a typical mail 
> client (i.e. Outlook). Postfix, Sendmail, etc., don't support POP3 and 
> IMAP directly, you need to use another product like Cyrus, Courier or 
> Qpopper to add POP3 and IMAP.
> So, that said, PHP has built-in commands for sending email.
> If you read the documentation, you'll notice that there is no option 
> for authenticating. Which means you would need to setup your mail 
> server to allow relaying from your PHP machine. Don't take open 
> relaying lightly, if you do it wrong, you'll be in the spam business. 
> So if you don't know how to setup your mail server for restricted open 
> relaying, you should look at another PHP package (i.e. PEAR) that will 
> authenticate when sending emails.
> On Mar 2, 2005, at 3:54 AM, Balwant Singh wrote:
> > can anybody guide me how i can get subscribed to PHP-DEV forum.
> >
> > excuse me, i am asking one off the list question.
> > i want to use PHP to send email. my webserver  has linux OS but we are
> > using POP3 for sending emails (on Windows OS). May pls. inform all the
> > setting needs to be done for sending an email.
> >
> >
> > with best wishes
> > balwant
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