I work with a county office in Houston, Texas and have been forced to use
Windows IIS (on Windows 2000 Server) with MS SQL Server.

They have permitted me to use PHP (instead of ASP) when I showed them
problems on every county ASP site.  

Most applications on IIS are running well including database connections and
all my PHP functions but I am having problems getting GD applets to work.


The GD application that I am most interested in outputs a bar code image.
On the Windows Server this image does not appear and there are no error
messages outputted even when the display error messages option is enabled
(at least this is what our IT department claims!)


This application works perfectly on my local Apache Server (which runs on my
Windows XP machine).


Has anyone attempted to get PHP / MS SQL Server / Windows IIS to work?

If so, have you had similar difficulties when you tried to enable GD?


- Matthew

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