> $uu=mysql_query("insert into voters2

$sql = "insert into voters2

> $uu2=mysql_query("insert into voters2
('sex','birth_day','email','password') values('$D1','$T9','$T8','$T2')");

$sql = "insert into voters2 (sex,birth_day,email,password)

Try this. Hope it gonna work.

And for the next time, when you ask a question, please include all of the
details which are relevant to your question.
Good things to mention in your post include:
  a.. URL's
  b.. Keywords
  c.. A good description of the problem
  d.. Troubleshooting steps you have already taken
Also, please give your question a relevant subject. "robots.txt syntax
question" is a good subject. "Please help" is not a good subject.

Nadim Attari

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