I think from binary; it was installed as a part of Slackware, and I made no 
special efforts to compile. 
   Version of PHP is   4.3.7  (thanks Mychael)
   Linux kernel is 2.4.26
   Apache version is 1.3.31
Looks like MySQL may already be configured in PHP (saw that in phpinfo() )
When installing PostgreSQL, I am fairly certain I made no attempt to configure 
anything in the database
to permit use of PHP, as that was not a consideration at that time. In fact, 
not sure it even asked; it did ask
about some languages (stored procedure language, TCL, etc).
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save this to a php file and run it. I a attached file just in case.


This will give you all of the information you will need for you php 

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Did you compile php or did you install from a binary?

If you compiled -- did you configure the PHP module --with-pgsql?

I have not installed a binary in the past so I am not sure how you activate
the pgsql module in that regard.

The problem though is that the version of PHP you are running is not
configured to support pgsql and you will need to do that to get it recognize
the pgsql specific functions.


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> From: "Van Ingen, Lane" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2005 14:32:39 -0500
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> Subject: [PHP-DB] PHP and PostgreSQL
> I am new to PHP. Trying to install it and PostgreSQL 8.0 on Slackware Linux
> 10.0.0 . I am getting
> the following error out of Apache:
>   Fatal Error: Call to undefined function: pg_connect()
> After browsing your web site, I found http://us2.php.net/pgsql . But am unable
> to proceed because I
> am not sure what to do. Specific questions:
> (1) How do I determine what version of PHP I have? Browsed PHP directories,
> but couldn't find it.
> (2) The information I found said I could use a "shared object module" and/or
> (I think) alter php.ini .
> I don't think this is hard to fix, but I need to find a blow-by-blow of what
> to do. Can somebody help me?

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