I'm new to PHP; I installed version 5.0.3 using Apache 2 and Postgres 8 on 
Win XP SP2. I have a connection class and one of its methods is:

  public function EjecutaSQL($pe_textoSQL = "")
    return pg_query($this->id, $pe_textoSQL);

where $pe_textoSQL contains the SQL sentence. If after executing it there is 
a Constraint error sent by the DB for example, or a syntax error in the SQL 
statement, no error or warning is displayed in the browser, unless I use 
"pg_last_error()" and handle the error myself.

I checked the PHP.ini and I have the parameter "error_reporting  =  E_ALL"

Testing these examples on PHP 4, adjusting all the necesary code to run from 
5 to 4, all warnings and errors are displayed as sent by PostgreSQL.

Any help will be appreciated,

Guillermo N 

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