Ashwari Nugraha wrote:
Thanks Joseph,
I understood about your idea. But it can be more than one freetds.conf
found, all I need is finding ones which is used by mssql_connect(). Some
people do not delete FreeTDS installation source that is still contain that

if you know that then you know the structure of the source tree, filter out freetds.conf files found with a 'source tree' subpath. could be a way to do it...

I know nothing about freeTDS, I wouldn't talk to an MSSQL server if it paid me. 
I had to look up freeTDS and I found out what it was... some more clicking got
me to this page:

which is probably a good place to start investigating your options.
(maybe you have seen it already?)

Joseph Crawford wrote:

you could execute the exec command in php and run a locate
freetds.conf or whereis freetds.conf or find freetds.conf, i believe
whereis only locates binary files not sure though.

read up on exec here

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