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Subject: RE: [PHP-DB] Problems with 4.3.10 and SQL Server

> Does the mssql account user have the correct priviledges to be able
to run
> those queries?

Yes, everything I am trying to script has been confirmed to work
against the database.

> Are you using proper error reporting to see if there are any
> error messages returned by mssql wrt those queries? (are you using
> http://ca3.php.net/manual/en/function.mssql-get-last-message.php to
get the
> last message from the server)?

Yes, I've tried it and I even directly queried @@ERROR. Nothing is
diplayed using mssql_get_last_message, and @@ERROR displays 0. I
suppose this must mean I am not connecting to the database. I wonder
if there is ping command I could run to confirm I have proper access
to the server. I am running this against the database of a host
company so I'm not sure what the problem could be. phpinfo reports
that SQL Server support exists.

Oh vey, I just checked it again. I really screwed that one up.
Apparently, there is no SQL Server support on the host server. I
better work out this problem before worrying about 4.3.10 vs. 5.x
differences. Thanks for your help.


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