I get only the table headings and text before and after the table, but not the table, when I add the "where" clause as below. Without the "where" clause, the table does come up but (as expected) is repetitive and very long. I'm using a template that I've used many times. I've tried changing the $sort_field at the beginning with no success. Any ideas as to a solution?


$get_data_query = "select concat(1091vote038.fn, ' ', 1091vote038.ln), 1091vote038.vote, 109caucuses1.party,
1091vote038.state, 1091vote038.cd, 109caucuses1.cbc, 109caucuses1.chc, 109caucuses1.prog, 109caucuses1.bdog,
from 1091vote038, 109caucuses1
1091vote038.state = 109caucuses1.state
1091vote038.cd = 109caucuses1.cd
order by $sort_field $sort_order";

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