Perry, Matthew (Fire Marshal's Office) wrote:
What this has to do with PHP

Is there a way to write some sort of PHP script that accesses to the county
auditors website, automatically enters the info into their form, grabs
whatever information is outputted, imports the data into our SQL Server, and
repeats the process for all addresses in our database?

I will of course research the legality of this before we implement the
script.  I just wanted to know if this was even feasible before we meet
about this.  I don't even know where we should start.

Sure, you're just issuing POST requests with data from your database, and parsing the output - and entering that extracted data back into your database again. A better question, however, would be how are you planning to handle this once you are ready to run it - are you just storing the address at each corner of your 'covered regions'? You'll need some kind of fuzzy lookup to be able to do all this.

Maybe a better solution would be to just link directly to the county auditors website with instructions, allowing the users to do their queries as they're needed? Even if you have every current covered address on file, people may mistype things - new buildings are created - roads are renamed, etc.

Someone should contact and see about adding this sort of information to that :)

- Martin Norland, Sys Admin / Database / Web Developer, International Outreach x3257
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