Mark Cain wrote:

I think I understand your question.  Perhaps what you want is not a variable
variable -- but a variable (determined from the context).
Variables always vary depending on the situation as opposed to a constant
which - uhh -- stays constant.  Combine the variable and the constant in a
new variable first with concatenation.

$question_pointer = $xxx . "_name_en";


Mark Cain

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Hi, I'm trying to make a script but have a problem ...

How could I do this:

I'd like to use   $get_question_data[xxx_name_en]

where xxx would be a variable variable according to the situation where


script is called... how would I do this?

tried :


but nothing works .... any help would be appreciated.

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$var = 'heh';

Hopefully that would parse to $get_question_data[$heh_name_eh]


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