What is the nature of the userid?  is it something assigned by one of the
systems?  or is it chosen by the user himself?  or is it a constant such as
am employee ID?

Here's how I would approach it:

query the tables for the occurrence of the userid and obtain the system name
at the same time.

with the results, build a multidimensional associative array with userid and
system name such as

$prior[$row[system_name]][$row[userid]] = "grey";

Then in the code for the page loop though the systems with the userid such

foreach ($prior as $system) {          // This will hit your systems one
after the other
  if ($prior[$system[$userid]]) {       // if this variable exists, it will
test as true
     $color = "grey";
  } else {
     $color = "black";

That would be my starting stab at it.  I hope I understand enough of what
you're trying to do and that perhaps you understand what I am trying to do.
Let me know if this needs clarification.

Mark Cain

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> I am working on revising a web request app that I have already
> developed.  The app basically provides a list of system names with
> checkboxes for a user to select to request accounts on the systems.  One
> feature I am intending to add is that the app should check a separate
> database of user accounts to see if the user already has an account on
> the system.  I think I could get it to work by making a query of the
> userid for each system, but this seems quite inefficient.  I would
> rather somehow have a single query that gets a list of system names and
> also checks the user account database at the same time to determine if
> the user already has an account.  Then I would like to display ALL of
> the systems, but "grey out" the ones that the user already has accounts
> on.  Can someone help me figure out the best way to go about this?
> Thanks in advance.
> Scott Nipp
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