My apologies to all, 'dict' tricked me - it has 'optimize', 'optimise', 'optimizing', but not 'optimising' - and I foolishly only checked the -ing conjugated tense instead of the root! (I do try a cursory check before posting such nonesense, honest!)

Now back to your regularly scheduled international discussion...


No apologies necessary from my perspective. You are a very active member of these php lists, and you have helped a great many php users the world over. I'm afraid some cross cultural sensitization kicked in on my end from many years working in human services.


Last post on this from me, honest! Next one will be helpful and totally on-target. Pose questions at will.
Okay, now I think I just got an apology in response to my apology. We better stop this right here and now or we're all going to end up with cavities and false teeth, it's getting awfully sweet in here. :)

On a quick final note - you were right IMO. There is entirely too little acknowledgement of anything international in the average mindset I see or come across. Look at character sets / encodings support in applications - I8LN - it's all only barely starting to come together these days, after how many years of computer usage? It took forever to break down the mindset that 'not everyone who uses a computer speaks/writes English'.

(defensive statement: yes I know it (the correct British spelling) is still English - but it does open the wider concern.)

- Martin Norland, Sys Admin / Database / Web Developer, International Outreach x3257
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