I am looking at a project right now that is supposed to connect a local access chanel server (not server 2K only Win2K proprietary Scala server) to a MySQL database. I have called the company and they say it's "possible" although they have never deployed it with MySQL only MSSQL. I have a website that uses php/mysql and would like to take some data from that MySQL db and display some of these fields onto this local access server - embedded within this SCALA code. I have scoured the Internet and am ready to surrender - I find nothing. The closest thing that I have seen is a remote possibility to connect to the DB using VB Script - which I am clueless on. Has anyone out there ever even heard of SCALA - second, has anyone successfully integrated MySQL into SCALA? NOTE: This DB connect is only for "display" not for insert or update functions - I just want to query and display the results.

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