The error message and when I have problems I find it's very helpful to print the actual value of the $query variable.

In your case it looks like

AND acct_db.key1 LIKE \"%\".AllMid_Data.CPU_Hostname

is adding AND acct_db.key1 LIKE "%".AllMid_Data.CPU_Hostname

and you can't join two strings in SQL with a '.' like you can in PHP you should use a + for the two strings. I think what you want is:

      AND acct_db.key1 LIKE \"%\" + AllMid_Data.CPU_Hostname

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Date: March 23, 2005 3:18:44 PM PST
To: <>
Subject: MySQL query problems...

I am getting errors for the following queries. This query seems to work fine in phpMyAdmin.

$query2 = "SELECT AllMid_Data.CPU_Hostname FROM AllMid_Data, accounts
                   WHERE AllMid_Data.CPU_IN_SVC = \"Y\"
                   AND AllMid_Data.CPU_DNS = \"\"
                   AND accounts.sbcuid = $sbcuid
                   AND accounts.system = AllMid_Data.CPU_Hostname
                   AND accounts.ctime IS NULL
                   ORDER BY CPU_Hostname ASC";
$results2 = mysql_query($query2, $Prod) or die(mysql_error());
$system2 = mysql_fetch_assoc($results2);
$query3 = "SELECT AllMid_Data.CPU_Hostname FROM AllMid_Data, acct_db
                   WHERE AllMid_Data.CPU_IN_SVC = \"Y\"
                   AND AllMid_Data.CPU_DNS = \"\"
                   AND acct_db.key1 LIKE \"$sbcuid%\"
                   AND acct_db.key1 LIKE \"%\".AllMid_Data.CPU_Hostname
                   ORDER BY CPU_Hostname ASC";
$results3 = mysql_query($query3, $Prod) or die(mysql_error());
$system3 = mysql_fetch_assoc($results3);

        I am assuming that I have an issue with query3.  Thanks in
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