Hi List,

I have 4 web based systems developed using PHP4 and MySQL accessed for 10
users. The Web Server and Database Server were running ok on a Mac OS X 10.3
G4 dual. However, since we move to a new server, the access becomes very
slow. This was not expected since we move to a 64 bits high performance

Now, we are using MySQL version 4.1.9 with Apache 2.0.52 and PHP 4.3.10, all
compiled and running on a Linux Fedora X86_64.

My first thought was the systems, but since I have not changed 3 of the 4
systems, I start to look to the database. I monitored the MySQL using "MySQL
Administrator", but I couldn't identify any problem. It looks ok, but not
completely sure if really is.

The system administrator told me that could be the PHP session, but again,
he also was not complete sure about this.

It is a big problem since I need to check in 3 places: MySQL, Apache, or

Does anyone had this kind of problem or has any suggestion or direction to
help me to identify and solve this issue?

Any help will be appreciated!!!



Andre Matos

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