Well, Joe Celko is a recognized expert; Googling for "Joe Celko tutorial" turned up 8,900 hits,
but this link was found on the first page:

Lots of stuff there.

If you want books,

The Practical SQL Handbook  Bowman, Emerson and Darnovsky ISBN 0-201-44787-8
SQL for Smarties: Advanced SQL Programming   Joe Celko  ISBN 1-55860-323-9

Keep in mind that one of the WONDERFUL things about SQL is that a lot of the plumbing is hidden.

Determine what information you need returned, what inputs you have, normalize your data (with sufficient keys to ensure uniqueness for each and every row) and go for it.

Don't tie yourself in knots wondering if any product meets all of Codd & Date's criteria - to the best of my knowledge none do, nor do many meet the SQL-2 standard. (SQL-92? I'm relying on memory here.)

The most widely used almost-but-not-quite-yet-evidently-good-enough relational database on the Internet is MySQL. Some of the exercises in the aforementioned books could not be done with MySQL - doesn't mean it's not useful. Tens and tens of thousands have found it is.

Give PostgresSQL a serious look - v. impressive. Ditto Firebird.

Have fun - Miles

At 08:00 AM 3/28/2005, Yemi Obembe wrote:
Does anyone please know where i can get a comprehensive SQL tutorial as in one that contains stuffs on engines, data structures, table types, etc....& NOT JUST the basic query commands <CREATE, SELECT, UPDATE, DELETE, INSERT...> & their syntax(es).


A passion till tomorrow,
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