hi all,
i have a problem in saving a blob file into oracle database 
the system is linux 7.3 oracle 9i apache and php things are working pretty
well in other machine (same php source code) but in my machine it gives this

savefile():OCILobWrite : OCI_INVALID_HANDLE.

this is the php:

$oci->SQLInsertLob(3, "insert into FICHIER_BDS(FICH_BDS_ID, FICH_BDS_NOM,
values (FICH_BDS_ID.nextval, '" .$file_name. "', $BDS_ID,'0',EMPTY_BLOB(),
$file_size, '" .$file_type. "', '" .$VER_ID. "') returning FICH_BDS_XML into
the oci function :
 function SQLInsertLob($num, $req, $lob_upload)
      if ($num < 0 || $num > $this->NumReq)
         $this->err = "Numéro de statement incorrect";
         return false;

     $lob = @OCINewDescriptor($this->ConnectionID, OCI_D_LOB);

     $this->Result[$num] = @OCIParse($this->ConnectionID, $req);

         @OCIBindByName($this->Result[$num], ':the_blob', &$lob, -1, 

         @OCIExecute($this->Result[$num], OCI_DEFAULT);

                return true;
                return false;




le file is temporary located in  /tmp/
apache is runing with apache user when the file is created the permissions
is rw--r--r--i have tried with file 777 to make sure but i still have the
same error  
and then i have tried to execute the sql statement in sqlplus with '0' as
blob the sql is OK 
in other page it can load blob file from oracle database 

i really don't see where is the problem 
if someone have any idea

thanks to all 


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