> We have created a MySQL/ C application that gathers environmental data and 

> does inserts into the db once per minute. 
> A set of PHP applications reads this data and does some graphical 
> of the values. 
> Changing from Standard Time to Daylight Savings Time causes minor 
> problems, but in the Fall, DST to ST will screw things up royally.

> I did some googling yesterday, and others have asked how to disable the 
> automatic DST changeover in Red Hat 9.0, but no one really got an 
> leading me to believe that it is not straight forward. Does anyone know 
> how to do this?? 


Turns out this is a multi-step process in Linux involving creating a text 
file with new time zone rules, running it against 'zic' ( as in -- zic 
newRules.tx ), then soft linking the output file to /etc/localtime. 

See this link: 

about which the author was kind enough to respond, and see 'man zic' for 
more basic info and some additional examples.

--> David 

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