Yeah, you did explain it clearly, I just couldn't get the casting to
work in PHP..
I found 2 or 3 ways of doing it in PHP, but I just couldn't get any of
them to work..

I even looked at casting in MySQL, though I couldn't find an int cast.

At any rate, it's working fine based on my previous e-mail, so all's


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Gavin Amm wrote:

> Yeah, I ended up doing that (associative array) then reading your 
> e-mail.. Oh well, thanks. I couldn't cast the var as an int. in the 
> database it's setup as a
> timestamp(8) (yyyymmdd), not sure why I set it up as such..
> Cheers,
> Gavin

I guess I didn't fully explain that I meant cast as an int in php :-)


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