sorry about the volume of this apiece.just thinking it will help you understand 
my frenzy script better.
to start with, it is a simple 'intra' search script that opens include files 
contained in the dir the visitor wants to searchand match its content with the 
contents of the include files are in plain txt format like this:
God is luv.
we learn to walk by stumbling
php forever
and so on.
here is the search funtion that does the 'opening' and matching :
function search($file) {
global $q, $a;
$sd = opendir($file);
 while (($sf=readdir($sd)) !== false) {
    $line = file($sf);
     foreach ($line as $content) {
    if (preg_match($q, $content)) {
     if (!in_array($content, $a) {
      $a[] = $content;
  $c = count($a);
  return $a;
  return $c;
it is included in this main script: 

foreach($_request as $r => $v) {  //this declares $in and $q...
$$r = $v; // ...which are the directories to be searched and query respectively
include ('');
$q = strip_tags(strip_slashes(trim(strtolower($q))));
$a = array();
 if ($in == 'whole') {  // if visitor wants to search all directories
  $dh = opendir('dir/');
   while (($d = readdir($dh)) !== false) {
     if (is_dir($d)) {
         search($d) ;
 else {
if (!empty($in)) {
search('/dir/' . $in . '/'); // for something like 'dir/arts/'
if ($c == 0) { // if no match
echo 'Sorry, no link and comment was found to contain your query: <TT>$q</TT> 
in the <TT>$in</TT> directory.<BR>';
echo '
<TT>$c</TT> results were found for <TT>$q</TT> in the <TT>$in</TT> 
foreach ($a as $value) {
echo '$value';
the scrap gave me bugs so guys i need help. by the way, i think you should take 
a closer look at the search function. im no good at writing functions(cant even 
do classes), so guess thats where the mistake is lurking.
av fun. thanks. :)


A passion till tomorrow,
Opeyemi Obembe |

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