Firstly, you are printing the output directly, so in case you don't
mark the lines you are printing out after each section, there is no
way to count the lines.

Secondly, "HTML" doesn't "push" the text automatically to anywhere, it
is your text-editor.
HTML is presented as it's written on the file. So if your text-editor
chops the text to multiple lines, then it's no-can-do. Though, usually
text-editors don't add "\n"'s in text, even if they show a long line
chopped to multiple lines in edit-mode.

A solution would be for you to process the HTML to a variable first
and then print it.
This way you can also count the lines by counting the number of "\n"'s.

Jyrki Laurila

On 4/15/05, Ng Hwee Hwee <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> hi!
> thanx for your reply. i cannot count the number of "\n" because sometimes
> the inputted text is very long without any "\n", but because it is inside a
> cell that has a linited width, HTML will automatically push it to the next
> line, right? in this case, there won't be a count for "\n".
> hwee
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> Count the "\n" characters in the output.

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