* Ron Piggott <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> Am I able to use the OR logic in mySQL queries?
> $query = "SELECT * FROM table WHERE date_received LIKE '$todays_date' OR
> '$yesterdays_date' ORDER BY prayer_request_reference ASC";
> In this above example will the " OR '$yesterdays_date' " work?
> In reality I am wanting to preview new entries to the database within the
> past 2 days

First off, did you try it? You could have tried it and had a more
specific question in the time it took you to ask the above question.

Second: In SQL, as in PHP, an OR requires that you have the values
you're testing against on either side. To be specific,
'$yesterdays_date' is a true value, and it's not what you're testing;
you're wanting to see if date_received is like that value -- inother
words, date_received LIKE '$yesterdays_date' is what you're actually
trying to test. That said, you'll get much better results with:

FROM table
    date_received LIKE '$todays_date' OR
    date_received LIKE '$yesterdays_date'
    prayer_request_reference ASC

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