The patch described in 30808 worked fine last night.

Leo D. Geoffrion wrote:
Turns out that it's covered in bug report 30808.

I've applied the edit mentioned there and will see if this solves my problem (have to wait for the next Oracle restart overnight).

The discussion there is quite revealing about the fact that oci8 connections are always persistent even if you do not ask for a persistent connect of explicitly call for a disconnect.

Seems to me that ought to be stated in the oci8 documentation.

Christopher Jones wrote:

Leo D. Geoffrion wrote:

I recently upgraded to PHP5 and now have a curious Oracle problem.

The PHP scripts query the database fine. Then overnight, the database shuts down for backup and restarts. The next day, PHP can no longer connect to the database until I restart Apache. Then, it's happy until Oracle restarts the next night.

We did not encounter this problem with PHP4.

I've tried adjusting the php command from the old ocilogon() to oci_connect() but the problem continues. Incidentally, I am using a simple connection, not a persistent one.

Can someone advise what's wrong here or how to get PHP/Apache to survive a database restart.

There were some changes to connection in PHP5. I guess this might be a
symptom, but I recall similar things reported with PHP4. Can you log a PHP
bug so the problem can be tracked?


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