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> meal list_php wrote:
> > Hi I sent this on 21st of april and got no answer...
> > there is no way to check the "real" mime type of a file?
> > even a file without extension?
> > thanks,
> You can call out to an external program called "file" (which is pretty 
> much guaranteed to be there, on a Linux system) which uses some magic to 
> determine the file type.  It should be able to tell you if the file is 
> jpeg regardless, without any messy work from you.  It will return a 
> string like so:
>       $ file false.doc
>       false.doc: JPEG image data, JFIF standard 1.02
> I'd run a few tests with some images from different sources, but it 
> should be returning a very standard string - "JPEG image data" should at 
> least be common.  IIRC Sony also has a 'motion jpeg' which might cause 
> you problems, depending on what you're doing - if you can get a hold of 
> one of those to test (if it's a concern) you might want to.

An additional tool that may be used when simply checking for image types
is to use getimagesize() -- though you should be using php >= 4.3.11 to
do this safely (see http://security.gentoo.org/glsa/glsa-200504-15.xml
for more information). One element returned by getimagesize() is the
image MIME type.

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