Just add a check of the total returned rows, and seek to 0 only if there is 1 or more.

if(mysql_num_rows($rResult) > 1) mysql_data_seek($rResult,0);


Alvaro Cobo wrote:

Hi all:

I am having problems with the function mysql_data_seek when it refers to an array with an empty recordset (for example when the query does not returns data), so I keep receiving the following message in the browser:

Warning: mysql_data_seek(): Offset 0 is invalid for MySQL result index 9 (or 
the query data is unbuffered) in /var/www/intranet/inform/view.php on line 146

I need this function to reset an array to use the same query several times in the same page.

Does anybody knows how to avoid this message to be printed?

Thanks a lot.


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