Martin Norland wrote:
include() :P

seriously though, Page1.php and Page4.php are the only two pages that should exist, if any. Page2 and Page3 should pretty much guaranteed be turned into function calls or classes and called from Page4.php. You don't need to separate logic and display in separate scripts that you push everything at, just separate your logic out into function calls.

haha - clarification on the "if any"... I meant if there should even be a separate page for receiving the POST data. It will depend on how you have things setup, as to whether or not Page1 should POST to Page4 or just POST back onto itself.

For e.g. 'detail' pages I tend to have POST to themselves, so you add an item in the page then it enters edit mode. Similarly with list pages, when modifying properties of a listed entity - e.g. "activate", "delete", "share". It all depends on how you want things, but you will want at least 1 .php script, as opposed to "if any" :)

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