O'Reilly has several good books available as well as about a ton of
on-line articles (OnLamp.com) by folks like John Coggeshall that were a
big help as I got started.  Also Wiley press has one of those '15 hour
crash course' books on Apache, MySQL, and PHP.  The PHP manual is a
pretty good place to get some great info - the on-line version includes
user discussions at the end of each method which can be a huge help.

PHP is a very popular language so there are a lot of tutorial and script
sites available (As Obi Wan used to say "Use the Google Luke").

Finally, this mailing list is a huge help when you have specific
questions (and is kind to noobs like me - many thanks).

As an aside, for me the hardest part of getting started was figuring out
what question to ask and where to ask it.  A problem I ascribed to my
understanding of PHP often turns out to be my lack of HTML expertise so
the right place to ask is an HTML forum rather than one targeted at PHP
or what looks like a MySQL issue is really a php code problem (query
doesn't execute because the php code is written wrong).  Most often, I
find kind people in whatever forum either answering the question or
pointing me in the right direction.



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I need help.
I am building a database for a collaborative non-profit organization.
Originally it was scheduled to be done in MS Access, which I know fairly
well.  but the problem is they want it hosted on a freeDBS server and
they do not have the ability to use an access database, nor are they
willing to make the changes.  
So to make a long story short, I am now learning mysql and php.  I has
been a slow and often aggravating process, but we are starting to make
some progress.  But I need to learn more.  Can anyone suggest a really
good book, or possibly some tutorial classes I can on line that I can
use to learn more about these programs.
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