Wonder if anyone out there can help?

I'm trying to execute a mysql dump on my local Mac (running 10.4), and I'm running into an odd problem, possibly something to do with permissions or $PATH setup.

Here's the code...


  $dbhost = 'localhost';
  $dbuser = 'user';
  $dbpass = 'blah';
  $dbname = 'property_rental';


  $filename = "$filepath/data.sql";

passthru("mysqldump --opt -h$dbhost -u$dbuser -p$dbpass $dbname > $filename");


Now, if I execute this on the remote server, with the correct login details, it all works tickety-boo. If I execute it locally on my Mac using the built-in Apache server and a localhost address. But if I change the passthru call to an echo, and then copy and past the result into the terminal app, it works. What am I doing wrong? Any ideas greatfully received.


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