Ng Hwee Hwee wrote:
hi all,

this R6025 error is driving me nuts!!! anyone who can help me?
thanx a million!!

Full error details are described here:;en-us;125749

To the best of my knowledge and after some googling, I found three possible causes for this error in internet explorer:

1) A javascript in your page is generating the error.
2) A plugin you are using in internet explorer is causing the error.
3) Some application is causing the error when it interacts with Internet explorer or vice versa (eg. office toolbar, acrobat toolbar, norton av hooks etc).

The only suggestion I have to troubleshoot this is to "shut" off each of these one by one and see if you can reproduce the error. I haven't experienced this myself, so I don't have more suggestions on fixing it.

Aman Patel

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