> Sorry but this isn't working.  The variable $ttl_price is a calculation in
> my first script.  It stores the value of $Total_Price for all items.  I am
> trying to pass that to a new page.  It isn't a form that I'm working with,
> do I need to make it a form?  I would greatly appreciate any help you
> could
> offer.

The $_POST[] superglobal is only available to a page directly following a
page with a form on it, when the form's method set to 'POST'.

Id $ttl_price a single value or an array?

If you are not using a form, you could possibly pass the value on the query
string, then use $_GET[] in your target page to retrieve the value from the
query string. This doesn't require the presence of a form on your
originating page.

Otherwise, you could also use sessions to put the value into a session
cookie and then retrieve it from the target page, using the $_SESSION

How are you moving from the page in which the calculation is done to the
page in which you need the calculation? Ie, do you click on a button, a
link, do you redirect to the page etc?

Much warmth,


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