Dianne Mead wrote:

I know this is the probably the wrong list for this question, but I'm a bit
desperate as my hosting company has disabled PEAR on the server, and I was
using it extensively on more than one website... suddenly my weekend looks
like a coding nightmare.  The hosting service reports a security issue, but
no details.   Has anyone using PEAR here run into this problem?  Is there
any potential resolution beyond recoding everything?  I'm looking at better
than ten sites to recode at this point, so other options would be greatly
appreciated.  The hosting company didn't give me any warning that this was
going to happen.


I'd suggest tar/gz'ing your development server's PEAR directory (most likely /usr/share/pear if under *nix), and uploading that to somewhere in your production server's space (hopefully at non-web accessible location). You can than add that directory to your include_path (either through php.ini or .htaccess).

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