I'm posting here since I cannot find a proper list for FormBuilder.

I have a big problem here:

* I have a FB form with one linkNewValue linked table (PK on linked table 
points to FK on main table)
* When there is an error in the main form, the linked new value in sub-form is 
inserted correctly in the DB, but the form is displayed again as nothing 
would happened in the sub form.
* When I correct the main form and submit again, FB try to insert the sub-form 
values again and fails because DB constraints check for uniq in the linked 

I don't know if this is a bug or I did'nt understand how it works.

Expected behaviour:

there are two possibilities:

1 - kind of rollback on insertion of linked sub-forms when the main form fails
2 - set the sub-form hidden PK to the value of the last inserted row and set 
the main form linked field to the same value

Any help would be higly appreciated.

Alessandro Pasotti
ICQ# 245871392
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