On 19/05/05, Renato Botelho <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm maintainer of databases/firebird port on FreeBSD, and I've
> splitted this port in two ports, firebird-client and firebird-server.
> To install php with interbase extension, the only dependency is
> firebird-client, and all builds fine, but, when I try to runa
> ibase_pconnect, the proccess stops and give me nothing, no error
> message, just don't run.
> My firebird-client port install libs (libfbembed, libgds, ligfbclient
> and libib_util) on /usr/local/lib and install *.h files on
> /usr/local/include.
> I don't think the problem is on PHP, but on my port and what and where
> I'm installing all the files.
> Does PHP need any more file? I'm going crazy finding eht problem and
> don't discover now... :-(
> Someone could help me to found what I missed to install or where I
> need to install the thing and back php wwith interbase works fine on
> FreeBSD?
> Any kind of help will be great.

I found the problem, I need to install firebird.conf with the client
part, now all are working fine.

Thanks anyway
Renato Botelho
ICQ: 54596223

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