A few ideas occur to me. You don't have enough information about your schema for me to say for sure which of these would be best.

1 - put all the inserts into one statement:
$myQuery = "INSERT INTO purchaseItems (orderID, itemIDs, itemQty) VALUES (";
    $i = 1;
    foreach ($order as $item)
$valueLine[$i] = "(" . $item['orderID'] . ", " . $item ['itemIDs'] . ", " . $item['itemQty'] . ")";
        $i = $i +1;
    $myQuery = join($valueLine, ",") . ")";
then execute $myQuery as one statement.

2 - Why `DELETE FROM purchaseItems WHERE orderID = '789' `  why not:
DELETE FROM purchaseItems WHERE orderID = '789' and itemIDs = <whatever>

Good Luck,

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Subject: RE: [PHP-DB] multiple queries, one transaction - REWORDED

I have a scenario where I have multiple inserts into a table and need to
know that ALL inserts were successful and if not that there were no

I've seen an article on transactions in php/mysql and have a few

I have a table with orderID, itemIDs and itemQty

Someone with an orderID of 789 may want to purchase itemID 1 and itemID
2 and item 3. At purchase I give the customer a final shot of changing
his mind. (While shopping he puts the items into a session variables,
now that he's in the process of purchasing its in a database.)

Say he want to remove itemID 1.

The solution I've been using is to

DELETE FROM purchaseItems
WHERE orderID = '789'

Now I have to reinsert.


INSERT INTO purchaseItems


These multiple queries (DELETE and INSERTS) should be considered one
transaction so that if one query fails, they all do.

Thx, mayo

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