Hi,I have an intranet application that I wrote in PHP that has worked greatfor 
a long time. It uses integrated authentication in IIS. I'm trying tomigrate to 
IIS 6 and things are mostly working. The problem I have isthat my ODBC_CONNECT 
calls are not resulting in: "Login failed for user'(null)'. Reason: Not 
associated with a trusted SQL Server connection.".What it seems to tell me is 
it is correctly trying to make an integratedauth connection to the database, 
but for some reason the current user'scredentials aren't being passed? Does 
anyone have insight into this?Thanks!<>< Ryan


How many times in the pass week has people been told that when they post to 
this list to post code with their question?

Most people will reject to help without code displayed.

But this problem could be a code or server error but no-one can pin-point it 
with 100% confidence without code sniplets or what you did.


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