> >I have a questionary that has 100 questions,
> >
> >Should I create 2 tables 1 with the user information and the second one
> >with
> >the 100 questions? What is your recommendation?

I recommend you the next table configuration:

1 table for users
1 table for the questions (so you can have more than 100)
IF the User can Input the Answer -> 1 table with User ID, Questin ID
and the Answer
IF the User only selects a pre-defined Answer -> 1 table Answer ID,
Questin ID, Answer
1 table User ID, Questin ID, Answer ID

IF the User can select a pre-defined answer OR input, a MIX of both solutions.

Atte, Andrs G. Montaez
Tcnico en Redes y Telecomunicaciones
Montevideo - Uruguay

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